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How your Practice and Team can thrive in 2022 - Meeting the challenge of doing more with less time and resource


Jan 18, 2022 12:34 PM

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Ross Drynan
Customer Success Manager @Software of Excellence
As the Customer Success Manager at Software of Excellence, Ross has years of first-hand experience in the challenges and opportunities that the industry faces. Working closely with practices, Ross is passionate about understanding the drivers and behaviours within the team and using data to help practices reach their full potential. Ross regularly delivers leadership, communication and data workshops, whilst continuing his work with evolving the Customer Success programme.
Josh Wren
Best Practice Manager @Software of Excellence
Josh leads a strong, driven team to deliver Business Consultations of the highest standard. Josh works with dental practices across the UK to optimise performance in tandem with their objectives. Whether it is increasing new patient numbers, improving workflows or maximising treatment uptake, Josh and his team are able to offer solutions and guidance to deliver top results. With access to over 1000 practices data and use this as a tool to benchmark and challenge our practices to turn 'from good to great'.